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Sample and Instrument Library

We have a huge library of instruments, samples and sound effects, which gives enormous flexibility for songwriting, production and post-production. Here are just a few examples of things we've created entirely in

our studio. 

Tempo Adjustment - Before and After

Our client was using a backing track in a show and wanted it faster, but without altering the pitch or sacrificing too much in the way of audio quality. We increased the tempo and applied some gentle processing to give it a little bit of extra punch and sparkle.  

Dialogue and Effects Editing

Here we were asked to do post-production on two pilot episodes of a new radio comedy by Sam McKinley. The dialogue recordings had already been made and the music had been selected. We edited the various vocal takes together, created room ambiences, brought in the music cues and added background sounds, vocal effects and sound effects from our in-house library.

Production and Mixing

We mixed this lighthearted musical theatre backing song in the style of a small theatre orchestra for Gravity Live's sell-out Moulin Rouge show. We started with 27 raw tracks which were created at Cyclone Studios and sent to us in a combination of audio and MIDI files. We used our virtual instrument library for the sound of the piano and to adjust some of the orchestral elements. Although there are BVs on here, the lead vocal was performed live so doesn't appear on these excerpts.

These are samples of actual work, for information and evaluation purposes - please note that Malted Music is not the copyright owner of all of the material contained within the samples, and further reproduction or distribution of these files may be in breach of copyright.

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