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Specialising in recording singers,  acoustic groups and spoken word in pristine quality, 24-bit/192kHz audio.  Record at our studio in Cambridgeshire, our space in East London - or take advantage of our mobile recording facilities and let us come to you. 

A comprehensive and competitive mixing service using the best analogue outboard gear as well as industry standard plugins to turn raw audio into finished, mastering-ready mixes.  

Remixing and arranging services are also available.

Audio editing, volume matching, noise reduction and a full range of mastering options including EQ, compression, stereo widening and limiting - fixing problem audio tracks and producing  big, wide, broadcast-volume finished products.


Malted Music provides first-class audio production tailored to your needs and budget.  We're the ideal solution if you need a professional result but don't want the expense or complexity of hiring a large recording studio.  And you don't have to be located near to us to take advantage of our services.  We can receive and send files quickly, easily and safely over the web as well as providing you with finished products via secure post on USB drives or CDs as needed.  


We have a private meeting and work space in Barking, East London, as well as a full post-production studio in Cambridgeshire - and we can also bring our recording, mixing and editing services to you, with mobile sound isolation and recording facilities so you can capture your perfect performance without having to travel.


Need your new recording professionally mixed so that everything sounds clear, loud and upfront?  Want to be sure your backing tracks will all come in with the same tone and volume, with no surprises for your sound engineer?  Want to add music and effects to your showreel, and get that broadcast-ready sound?  Need something edited, pitch-corrected or timestretched?

Let us take the hassle and guesswork out of the process.  We work with you to understand your needs, then take care of the technical side so that you can focus on performing.


Click below to see more details of our equipment on the Studio page.


Backing Track Remastering - Before and After

A client who is a singer asked us to look at a number of backing tracks for a live show they were putting together. They felt the original tracks sounded muddy, lacked punch, had too many variations in volume and tone, and distorted if played loud - a nightmare for their sound engineer!  

We used several different processes to even out the tone, add clarity, bring everything to a consistent volume and achieve a more professional sound.  Here's a few seconds of one of the tracks exactly as we received it, then a few seconds of the same track after we'd worked on it.


Our standard rates as of 01 April 2022 are as follows:

- Recording (including engineer): £25 per hour

- Editing/mixing/post-production: £35 per hour

- Composition/lyric writing/musical arrangement/script advice: £55 per hour


The above is a guide; in all cases we'll talk to you to understand exactly the end result you're looking for, then quote accordingly - and sometimes we can offer suggestions for approaching things in a simpler and more cost-effecive way than you might have thought.  Daily rates can be agreed, and in some cases discounts are available.


All charges are discussed and agreed with you in advance, and nothing is payable until the work is completed.  

We can accept credit card payments via PayPal as well as cash, cheque or bank transfer.



straightforward audio solutions, wherever you are


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